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Parker Chomerics CHO-TOUCH Displays

Parker Chomerics CHO-TOUCH™ Displays are fully integrated, durable systems of optically bonded touchscreens and LCD units designed to save assembly time and supply chain logistics

Parker Chomerics CHO-TOUCH EMI Shielded PCAP and Resistive Touchscreens

Parker Chomerics CHO-TOUCH™ EMI Shielded Touchscreens combine today’s state of the art touchscreen technologies (PCAP and Resistive) with our industry leading EMI shielding expertise

Parker Chomerics Duralan Glass Windows

Parker Chomerics Duralan™ G is a high performance anti-reflective (AR) coated glass that is used for protection of displays in high ambient light applications

Parker Chomerics Duralan II Custom Screen Protectors

Parker Chomerics Duralan™ II custom screen protectors provide a protective coating for LCD touchscreens (resistive and projective capacitive) against scratching and damage

Parker Chomerics Duralan™ Plastic Windows

Parker Chomerics Duralan™ II P custom plastic windows provide a protective surface for LCD touchscreens (resistive and projective capacitive) against scratching, breaking, solvents, harmful chemicals, and exposure to harsh environments.

Parker Chomerics TECKFILM™

Parker Chomerics TECKFILM™ is a highly conductive, optical quality polyester film used in display applications requiring EMI shielding and transparency

Parker Chomerics WIN-SHIELD Micromesh High Transparency EMI Shielding Micromesh

Parker Chomerics WIN-SHIELD™ Micromesh provides EMI shielding through the integration of tight line-controlled conductive mesh embedded within touchscreen units, LCD displays, and glass/polycarbonate windows

Parker Chomerics WIN-SHIELD™ Mesh

Parker Chomerics WIN-SHIELD Mesh provides exceptional shielding performance and can be used as an optical product, to cover airflow openings, to wrap cable or other applications where a flexible shielding mesh is necessary.